• Hi, I'm Benjamin Pereto

  • I'm a Linux System Engineer

    based in Z├╝rich, CH


Hello, I'm a 20-something techie and like technical stuff as I like travelling.

Primarily, I'm hosting different websites and services for family and friends. This site is also my playground for great new things and projects.

If you wonder about the special domain, "Sandchaschte" is Swiss German and means "Sandbox" - that simple.

Someone should really fill this site with stuff... Yet its another useless content available on the internet.

Pi-hole mit dns-over-tls

— 14.01.2018 21:39

SCION - Next-Generation Internet

— 10.11.2017 07:18

DNS over TLS

— 29.10.2017 20:27

Gruvbox - Fresh Terminal Color Scheme

— 26.10.2017 15:00